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Job title

Can you maintain an overview in pressured situations, make decisions and are you interested in leadership where you bring out the best in others? Do you want to lead a team that works to set the framework for the electricity sector and ensure sustainable solutions for green conversion, secure supply and securing consumers? Then you must apply for the position as team leader for team regulation in the electrical unit!

Are you a committed and results-oriented project manager who can ensure progress and achieve goals with electrical engineering projects? Are you motivated to create results and deliver high quality? Do you contribute with a raised eyebrow and new perspectives; then you may be the project manager we are looking for in our supply area.


Do you want to help work with sector switching and test new regulatory models that can support the green transition? Then a position as a process-strong generalist in the Danish Energy Agency's Center for Supply may be for you!

Do you know most about wind turbines, and do you have a large network that knows the rest? Then you now have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the green transition in one of Denmark's largest energy and fiber companies.

GreenGo Energy

Do you want to be part of the green transformation of Denmark's energy production? Are you the born problem solver in projects where political objectives, local interests and legal framework must go up in a higher unit? If you can answer yes to the two questions, there is a good probability that you can become our new Senior Project manager for the work with GreenGo Energy's solar cell projects in Denmark.

European Energy

Do you have experience within Danish electrical systems, and do you want an exciting position in the middle of the green transition? Then you might be our new colleague


Do you have experience of managing large projects with many partners and consortia, and do you feel at home in the intersection between economics, law and technology? Then you now have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the green transition in one of Denmark's largest energy and fiber companies.

Energi Fyn

Do you want to help shape the green transition through optimization and development of our electricity supply network? And if you thrive in a customer-oriented role with strong technical interfaces, then we have the job for you.

Do you want to work with us for a sustainable and green energy, where the conversion of production facilities is crucial to meet new requirements and standards? And can you set the direction in the future development of production facilities and daily operations? Then you may be the Operations Manager we are looking for for the continued technical operation and maintenance of regulating power plants and wind turbines.


Do you have a strategic mind-set and are you good at running business processes with a focus on synergy and value creation? Then you can help set the direction for one of Denmark's largest energy and fiber companies, which will be a leading company in the green transition.


Professional business development at the crossroads of energy, politics, environment and people.


Strategic management of the heating and electricity area.

You will contribute to the green transition and the continued high security of supply through the implementation and development of our ICT and BIM application, which ensures quality and efficiency in our operations and project portfolio. Your workplace will be in our office in Fredericia with the opportunity for homeoffice and great flexibility in relation to organizing your work and in the long run shape the content of the position.

Nature Energy

Become part of an entrepreneurial team devoted to transforming the colour of energy to green